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Galicia Jewish Museum

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This unusual place, despite its name, is more an art gallery rather than museum. Founded in 2004 by British photographer, Chris Schwarz, to this day is functioning as a place of commemoration of Jewish community living in and around Krakow before II World War.
Schwarz was known for his cooperation with the Red Cross and the World Health Organisation. When he came to Poland in 1980 to photograph Solidarność, he also became interested in the subject of traces of the Jewish community in Krakow and its vicinity. He later came back to Poland many times, fascinated with the history of Jewish people in the country.
The result of his passion was the project “Traces of Memory”, created together with the British anthropologist Jonathan Webber. With the helps of their friends, in 2004 Schwarz transformed an old building in Kazimierz into a center of knowledge about Jewish history in the country, popularizing knowledge about it, as well as about the Holocaust. After his death in 2007 the museum didn’t stop working; on the contrary, it grew more and more popular. Nowadays it’s one of the most important institutions dedicated to this topic, conducting comprehensive educational and cultural activities.

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Dajwór 18
1-052 Kraków
12 421 68 42

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