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The Old Town

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While wandering around Krakow, you will inevitably find yourself in the Old Town. Looking at the map of the city, it’s easy to spot the area surrounded by the green border formed by Planty Park. It mingles past and present, together creating the richness of history and people, thanks to which it happened then and is happening now. This outstanding value was appreciated in 1978, when the Old Town, together with the Kazimierz district, was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Krakow’s Old Town is one of the most beautiful examples of medieval urban landscape that has survived to current times. The well-preserved architecture spanning many eras, along with the unique atmosphere of the city, made Krakow not only very popular amongst tourists, but also caused it to be recognised by the UNESCO commission as one of the top 15 places in the history of the World Heritage list.

Touristic traffic, cultural life and entertainment are concentrated within the Main Square and the surrounding streets (Floriańska, Szewska and Grodzka). Around the largest preserved square of medieval Europe are many interesting places, such as Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Basilica, along with the iconic street cards where you can buy a classic Cracovian snack – obwarzanki.


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Krakow Municipal Council
3-4 Wszystkich Świętych Square
31-004 Kraków
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