Pinball, obwarzanki and vodka… Top 9 unusual museums in Krakow

February 6, 2023

Pinball, obwarzanki and vodka… Top 9 unusual museums in Krakow
February 6, 2023

Pinball, obwarzanki and vodka… Top 9 unusual museums in Krakow

Krakow Pinball Museum

krakow pinball museum flipper

Visit the museum and not only see but also try the exhibits, including an amazing collection of pinball machines and video games. Travel back in time to previous decades and play iconic games. In addition, the museum has a bar where you can buy sodas and beer. The Pinball Museum in Krakow is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends.

Jagiellonian University: Museum of the Department of Anatomy

human anatomy krakow museum

This proposal is certainly unusual and definitely not for everyone. The exhibits at the Museum of the Department of Anatomy of the Jagiellonian University Medical College are human bodies prepared for scientific purposes (some visually shocking). The most appropriate recipients of the exhibition are students of medical and related faculties. As the tour requires anatomical knowledge and emotional maturity to properly understand the exhibit, it is available from the age of 16 by prior arrangement.

Obwarzanek Museum

krakow obwarzanek

While the previous proposal rather takes away the appetite, the bagel museum will stimulate the taste buds of all gluten fans. In the living obwarzanek museum, you will not only learn everything about the most famous baking in Krakow, but also learn how to make it yourself during workshops!

Vodka Factory Museum

krakow vodka mueum

There was time for a bite, there is time for a drink - the Krakow Vodka Museum invites you to learn about the history of brewing and drinking a drink that has been rooted in Polish culture for centuries. The museum is located in the historic building of the former Vodka Factory. Thanks to the authentic exhibits and the high multimedia content of the museum, you can get acquainted with the full process of making the "booze".

The offer also includes a tasting option.

The museum is intended for adults, young visitors can only visit it under the supervision of an adult.

Museum of illusions

optical illusion illusion museum krakow

The Museum of Illusions is a place where physics, optics and art intertwine and the brain works at top speed. Fans of optical illusions, riddles and puzzles will find it perfect.

WOMAI Krakow Center for Science and Senses

WOMAI is a unique place presenting exhibitions from two worlds. Lights and Darkness

Towards the light is a scientific exhibition dealing with issues related to light and more. On the route, participants encounter many interesting experiments that will delight both younger and adult users.

Into the Darkness is a moving experience. Visitors embark on a seemingly prosaic journey - after a simulation of an ordinary day, with the significant difference that they walk around the exhibition in complete darkness, and their guide is a blind person. The guide introduces visitors to the world of the senses, while explaining what the world of the blind looks like.

Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiences

krakow garden of lights kakow lem experience garden

A paradise for small and large scientists, there are installations with many interesting scientific experiments in the park. You can learn while having fun, and it's outdoors! In winter, par turns into a magical, fairy-tale land of lights

Krakow Aviation Museum

krakow aviation museum

If you are interested in the history of aviation and planes, the aviation museum in Krakow will be a real treat for you! The huge area of ​​the former airport filled with various exhibits in the field of aviation development - you will see everything from small planes to bombers. You can also try your hand at a fighter simulator

Video Games Museum - Krakow Arcade Museum

krakow arcde musuem

We started with nostalgia and we will finish this ranking with nostalgia. Video Games Museum - Krakow Arcade Museum operates on a similar principle as the Pinball Museum, but focuses mainly on classic arcade games. It's a real time machine to the 80s and 90s!

Visit it and try your hand at cult games such as: Pac Man, Donkey Kong or conquer the dance floor on the Dancing Stage console. Drinks and snacks are available at the bar.


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