4×4 Off-Road Experience with Barbecue

4x4 in the mountains outside of Krakow

Basic information:  Meet your driver in Krakow and head 30 miles outside of the city to the off-road terrain. The trip will take about 60-80 minutes and your 4×4 will be waiting for you upon arrival. You will have two hours to test yourself in harsh terrain, full of rocks, big potholes, and unexpected obstacles.

One 4×4 vehicle can hold up to three people and an instructor. You decide who will be the driver, with the ability to switch at anytime.

Please note, every person willing to take a driver will be required to sign an agreement and confirmation, that states the driver has a valid driving category B license and is not under the influence of any alcohol or drug use. If a person is going to be under the influence of any alcohol or substance, they will not be allowed to drive 4×4, but can still participate in the activity as a passenger.

Additionally, there is a possibility to arrange a small barbecue (1 hour) for the whole group at the end or middle of the 2-hour drive. In order to book it, please choose the right option.

This activity depends on the weather conditions, due to unfriendly conditions the activity might be canceled or rescheduled.

Starting hours: Every day at 09:00

Duración del recorrido: 6-7 hours
Disponibilidad: Everyday
Idiomas: Private

Round-trip transfer from/to Krakow

4×4 ride with an instructor

Barbecue meal (if the option is selected)

0 h 00 min   Boarding/Pick up at the hotel

1 h 15 min     Arrival in the mountains

1 h 30 min    4×4 offroad

3 h 30 min    BBQ (if chosen)

4 h 30 min     Free time / visiting Niedzica castle

5/6 h 00 min    Arrival in Krakow