Balloon Flight

Amazing flying journey!

Basic information: Have you ever had a dream like Leonardo Da Vinci and wanted to see the world from a bird’s perspective? Look no more, we can help you with realizing your dream. Let us take you on a balloon flight. Admire the beautiful views and feel the wind and air on your skin!

Pick up: From any hotel in Krakow – provide the correct name and address of the hotel during booking

Starting hours: Every day: 1.5 hour before the sun rises or 2.5 hours before the sunset (pick up time depends on the day of the month)

Good to know: Wear sportswear and comfortable shoes, the temperature is 2-3 degree lower than on the ground, the flight itself is 1 hour

Restrictions: Minimum 7 years old, no sharp items, no lighters and smoking on board is forbidden.

Weather: W The weather has to be perfect without any wind blowing, every tour has to confirmed by our balloon pilot a day before and can be canceled if the weather conditions are not suitable (even if it has been paid – in this case, there will be 100% refund)

Tour duration: Approx. 4-6hours
Availability: 7 days a week
Type of tour: Private

✓    Pick-up from the hotel/apartment

✓    English-speaking driver

✓    Assistance of tour leader/driver

    Individual transportation

    1-hour balloon flight

    Individual instructor and guide

0 h 00 min   Boarding/Pick up at the hotel

1 h 00 min    Arrival at the balloon starting spot (preparation for start 30 – 60 min)

2 h 10 min    Balloon flight

3 h 10 min    Landing

4 h 00 min   Packing the equipment and departure to Krakow

5 h 00 min   Arrival to Krakow