A colorful procession of the Three Wise Men will pass through Krakow.
This year, the slogan of the event is “Today is a happy day”. For the twelfth time on January 6 at 11.00 the wise men will set off in three processions: from Wawel, Dębniki and Matejko Square. At the end, they will meet in the Main Square.

Procession routes

The red (European) procession will start the march from Wawel.
The youngest take part in it, incl. children from the “Source” kindergarten and the “Wierchy” school, accompanied by teachers and parents.

Route: Wawel Cathedral – Droga do Zamku street – Grodzka Street – Main Market Square

The green (Asian) parade will depart from the “Villages of the World” educational park in Dębniki. It will be attended by, inter alia, Members of the Missionary Volunteering “Youth for the World”, Saltrom and the Works of Help of St. Padre Pio.

Route: Villages of the World Park – Konfederacka street – Bałuckiego street – Dębnicki Square – Dębnicki Bridge- Retoryka street – Garncarska street – Studencka street – Planty park – Szewska street

A blue (African) procession will start from Matejko Square. It will be attended by students and teachers from nearby schools, incl. School of the Presentation Sisters and the School of the Piarist Order.

Route: Matejko Square – Floriańska street- the Main Square

Restrictions due to covid 19, online event

Due to the prevailing pandemic constraints, each parade will consist of 100 people. However, the common celebration will allow you to join online.


In the blue procession and on the Main Square volunteers, employees and friends of the Work of Aid of St. Padre Pio, who will raise money for housing programs involving people in a homeless crisis.