Cosmopark in Krakow

If you're interested in space, now is your chance to learn all about it at the "Cosmopark" exhibition, which runs from February 16 to May 7. This interactive exhibition is perfect for anyone interested in space, especially families with children.

At the "Cosmopark" exhibition, you can see many interesting attractions, including the zero-gravity simulator that will allow you to feel like an astronaut in space. You can also go through the Jupiter walking simulator to feel like you are on one of the planets in our solar system. The virtual tour of the International Space Station will allow you to see what life is like for astronauts in space and how they work on the station.

If you're an adult, to see the exhibition on weekdays you have to pay 55 PLN and on weekends 59 PLN. Tickets for children are cheaper - on weekdays they cost 35 PLN, and on weekends 39 PLN. Children under 3 can enter the exhibition for free. All tickets can be purchased on site or online.

You can visit Cosmopark at 105 Zakopiańska SOLVAY PARK.

The "Cosmopark" exhibition is an excellent opportunity to learn the secrets of space and experience what it's like to be an astronaut. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity!


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