A  city where history is still alive. Kraków, filled with monuments, culture and legends, has attracted visitors from all over the world for centuries. It’s the former capital of capital of Poland

A city where history is still alive. Kraków, filled with monuments, culture and legends, has attracted visitors from all over the world for centuries. It’s the former capital of capital of Poland, home to royalty and also… students, since this is also where one of the first universities in the world was established. With its numerous museums, galleries and historical treasures -– as well as lively pubs and restaurants – Krakow has something to offer everyone to find something for themselves. There are also a lot of natural attractions here: the city is located in the midst of charming valleys, filled with fascinating rock formations and caves formed during the Jurrassic period.

Bustling with life, the Old Town is the beating heart of Kraków, with its beautiful tenement buildings and historic churches, particularly the mesmerizing, gothic-style St Mary’s Basilica. Winding its way through the city is the Via Regia, which was the route taken by Polish kings and queens with processions of royals and their distinguished guests as they made their way to Wawel Hill, perched on top of which a are more architectural pearls of the city - Wawel Castle and the Cathedral.

Only a short walk away is Kazimierz, once a separate town but nowadays one of Krakow’s most unique districts. Its ancient synagogues, bars hidden away under the historic signboards of pre-war shops, vibrant flea markets and maze of tight streets will delight all who visit there.

Across the Vistula River is Podgórze, a district which was witness to a tragic history – during World War II, it was the location of the ghetto and the famous Schindler’s  Factory. Also worth visiting is Nowa Huta, a living relic of the Polish People’s Republic and the fulfilment of the concept of the ideal city embodying the spirit of communism, where it is even possible to visit one of the underground nuclear bunkers!


Kraków, Poland
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 In southern Poland. Krakow is a city and capital of Malopolskie province. 

Be sure to visit the Old Town, Kazimierz, Wawel. See the Lady with an Ermine and Schindler's Factory. Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum.

In Krakow you have to try original Krakow obwarzanki, but also traditional Polish dishes such as dumplings, sour rye soup, bigos.

W Krakowie jest mnóstwo hoteli i hosteli. Airbnb jest bardzo popularne.

Krakow is not expensive. It is much cheaper than many popular cities in Europe such as Paris, Milan or Vienna.

Public bus or train, cab or private transfer. 



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