"Memory/Zachor" Event in Krakow: A Remembrance of the KL Plaszow Tragedy

On August 6th, the city of Krakow held a commemoration for the prisoners and victims of the Nazi concentration camp Plaszow. Organized by the KL Plaszow Museum, the event attracted both city residents and survivors from the camp.

Why is August 6th So Significant?

Each year, the KL Plaszow Museum hosts the "Memory/Zachor" event on the first Sunday following August 6th. On this day in 1944, the Nazis arrested several thousand men in Krakow and interned them in the Plaszow camp, an incident known as the "Black Sunday" in the city's history.

How did the Nazis Attempt to Erase Traces of KL Plaszow?

In July and August 1944, the Nazis attempted to erase traces of KL Plaszow, sending prisoners deeper into the Reich, removing elements of the camp infrastructure, and disposing of the victims' bodies. Despite their efforts, tangible remnants of the camp survived, and the words of those who endured were passed on.

Who Attended the "Memory/Zachor" Event?

Despite the rainy weather, Krakow residents and employees of the KL Plaszow Museum gathered on Sunday evening to commemorate the events related to the history of the Plaszow camp and its prisoners.

What is the Mission of the "Memory/Zachor" Meetings?

"The 'Zachor' event is for everyone. Anyone can come. We try to connect the memory of two events." - said Marta Śmietana from the KL Plaszow Museum. Śmietana pointed out that the story of the camp is complicated and multi-dimensional, but it's worth finding it in the words of those who survived.

Giving Voice to the Survivors

During the event, excerpts from the accounts of surviving prisoners were read. The words of Malvina Graf, a former KL Plaszow inmate, highlighted the weight of life in the camp. Listeners also heard the recollections of Tadeusz Śliwiński, a member of the Home Army, who was a prisoner in KL Plaszow.

The commemorative event was patronized by Bernard Offen, a Holocaust survivor and former KL Plaszow prisoner. Offen, born in 1929 in Podgórze, shared his experiences with the participants.

The "Memory/Zachor" event not only serves as a reminder of the history of KL Plaszow but also pays tribute to those who suffered there and bears witness to the survivors whose memories still live on today.


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