The Rękawka is back! After a two-year break caused by the pandemic, on April 19, a Slavic settlement will reappear on the Krakus Mound, which will take the guests to the Middle Ages. The motto of this year's edition is "Krakow Legeds and Myths".

Krakow Rękawka 2022

The traditional Rękawka Festival is a kind of time machine, a journey through time. Anyone who goes to the Krakus Mound that day, when they get there, has the impression that they have entered a different era. This is due to the costumes, assortment and, above all, the warriors who recreate life in early medieval settlements - says Anna Grabowska, director of the Podgórze Cultural Center.

Reconstruction groups from all over Poland and abroad will appear at this year's festival. According to the theme, there will be interesting productions: "Killing the Wawel Dragon - alternative versions", "The Legend of the Bad Princess of Podgórze" and "The Legend of the Creation of the World".

Reconstruction of events from centuries ago

The event will traditionally begin with a fire ceremony. After it, armed warriors will run around the Krak's Mound, and then present their teams.

The climax of the Traditional Rękawka Festival will be the battle of the Vistula People with the invaders, which will begin at 4 p.m. Two powerful armies will face each other. They will fight for victory using swords, axes and shields.

Meeting with the Krakow legends

The Krakus Mound will host, among others, deities of the wind, the Serpent King, known as the Villain, the envious witch of Marcych, the Godling (protective spirits) or mischievous imps. Of course, there will also be the legendary Prince Krak. Mythical characters will be happy to share legends related to Krakow.

Slavic settlement and historical fair

Tourists will be able to try medieval delicacies and see how people were dressed at that time. There will also be some musical accents.

The organizers invite to two concerts of medieval music performed by "the Daj Ognia" group, which draws on Scandinavian and Polish folk music. For the youngest, there is a play zone set in the Middle Ages - "Czędowe igry".

Guests will be able to buy stylized souvenir gadgets, produced at the request of the Podgórze Cultural Center. Among them there will be socks with an original pattern, mugs from the Slavic village and many other "rękawka" gadgets.

Sleeves program

The traditional Rękawka Festival will be held on April 19 at 11.30-18.00.

In program:

11.30 am | The entrance of the warriors to the Krakus Mound
12.00 am | The rite of lighting a fire on the Krakus Mound
12.30 am | A course of warriors in full armor around the Mound
1 pm | Introducing the teams
1.40 pm| The staging of "Killing the Wawel Dragon alternative versions"
2.10 pm | Concert of the band Daj Ognia (part 1) medieval music
2.45 pm| Good luck for the city of Krakow
3.00 pm | "The Legend of the Bad Princess from Podgórze" staging
4.00 pm | Clash of two armies: Vistula versus invaders
5.00 pm | "The Legend of the Creation of the World" - staging
5.30 pm | Concert of the band Daj Ognia (part 2) medieval music


Slavic settlement (historical camp)
Prince Krak's "throne room"
Art, handicraft and traditional food market
A grove inhabited by characters from clergy and tales
Pre-Christian Temple (Gontyna)
Play zone for children (12.00 am-6.00 pm)
Game zone
Official gadgets from Rękawka - see and buy
The stand of the Podgórze Cultural Center
The stand of the District Council of XIII Podgórze
Thematic stand of the Archaeological Museum in Krakow
exhibitions "About the Krak's Mound in tradition and research", "Old and new", "Krakow's oldest churches"
archaeological curiosities related to the Krak's Mound
drawing competition "Mound as painted" and other attractions for children
Thematic stand of the Krakow Museum - Podgórze Museum
walk "From Rękawka to Rękawka - the history of the oldest holiday" (collection at 2 p.m. at the tent of the Podgórze Museum)
free admission to the permanent exhibition "City under Krak Mound" at the Podgórze Museum from 10.00 am-5.00pm
presentation of archival photographs from the Rękawka Festival from the collection of the Krakow Museum and a short history of the Rękawka Festival during the Museum's opening hours (every two hours 10.00, 12.00, 14.00, 16.00)
Stand of the Podgórze.pl Association

Official website of the event (PL only)


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