Pieniny Mountains


One of the greatest attractions of the Pieniny Mountains is the traditional rafting down the Dunajec River gorge

The Pieniny Mountains are a unique site on the map of Poland. This range, like the Tatra Mountains, belongs to the Carpathian Mountains. However, it consists mainly of limestone, which gives it a unique charm. The highest peak of the Pieniny Mountains is the characteristic Trzy Korony (Three Crowns).
The Pieniny National Park offers a wealth of hiking and cycling routes.
Charming towns such as Krościenko nad Dunajcem or Szczawnica are an excellent tourist base.

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest attractions of the Pieniny Mountains is the traditional rafting down the Dunajec River gorge, which offers unmatched views. A soothing journey through the winding river flowing along the vertical slopes of the Pieniny peaks is something unforgettable.
Equally rewarding views are offered by trekking along the trails to Sokolica, Trzy Korony or Wysoka. During a walk, it is worth paying attention to the vegetation and trying to spot the famous relict pines on the peaks. These pines are distinguished by a small height and twisted branches. The oldest of them are even 500 years old!
Interestingly, millions of years ago this area had increased volcanic activity, and some of the peaks were once volcanoes which poured out lava (looking at the peaks, you can guess which ones).
From the already mentioned Szczawnica, to the Red Monastery in Slovakia there is a beautiful walking and cycling route (you can rent a bicycle) along the Dunajec River gorge – the so-called Pieniny Route. The town is also a health resort, and the local pump house offers naturally acidic mineral waters called “szczawy”, which is highly carbonated mineral water; hence the name of the whole town.
Another incredible venue on the map of the Pieniny Mountains is Lake Czorsztyńskie, which enchants with a breathtaking view of the Tatra Mountains, and the medieval castles of Czorsztyn and Niedzica on the opposite sides of the shore.

It is undoubtedly worth discovering the Pieniny Mountains and falling in love with their amazing nature.


Pieniński Park Narodowy
ul. Jagiellońska 107B
34-450 Krościenko nad Dunajcem



The Pieniny Mountains are a mountain range located on the border of Poland and Slovakia. The easiest way to get there is by car or bus, and the main entrance to the trails is in Szczawnica.

The Pieniny Mountains offer many tourist attractions, including picturesque hiking trails, but the biggest attraction is a rafting trip down the Dunajec River, which passes through the Pieniny Mountains.

The Pieniny Mountains are an ideal place for hiking and cycling enthusiasts, as well as for mountain climbing, kayaking, rafting and skiing.

The Pieniny Mountains are home to many historical landmarks, such as castles, palaces and Orthodox churches. It is also worth getting to know the mountain culture and folk traditions, such as language, music and regional cuisine.

The Pieniny Mountains are a protected area, so it is important to keep the environment clean and be careful in the difficult mountain terrain. It is also important to follow safety rules and behave properly on the trails.

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