March 7, 2022

If you intend to visit Krakow for business or private purposes, it is worth checking out what kind of weather can welcome you in this beautiful city. Do not be surprised by the capricious aura, pack your bags according to the weather in Krakow at a given time of the year.

The climate in Poland is temperate and warm. The average temperature in Krakow and its vicinity is 9.0 °C, and the average annual rainfall is 835 mm. For most of the year, the weather here is pleasant and encouraging to visiting and enjoying many of the city's attractions. Each season of the year offers a quite different face of Krakow.

Spring weather in Krakow

Beautiful weather in Krakow in April and May encourages people to leave the house. This is the perfect time to visit gardens blooming with thousands of colors, full of tulips, daisies, forget-me-nots and magnolias that grow, among others on the Wawel hill. If the weather in Krakow in March surprises you with its winter face, you can take advantage of numerous cultural offers such as festivals, workshops or concerts.

Park Dębnicki, Planty, Vistula Boulevards, Lasek Wolski simply look nice in May and April, regardless of the weather in Krakow. They will be an ideal setting for a picnic, a romantic walk or a family trip. Moderate spring temperatures in Poland, within 14-18 °C ensure a good relax.

The Easter Market is a must-see event in Krakow in the spring. It is always bursting with a riot of colours, a multitude of products from local handicraftsmen and food producers. Sometimes the May sun in Krakow may surprise you with heat like at an exotic resort, so take a few airy dresses, shorts and T-shirts. The longer days and the sun higher in the sky mean that spring in Poland is often marked by pleasant warmth and blue skies.

Wawel Cathedral in flowers

Summer weather in Krakow

During the holiday season in Krakow, the calendar of events is full to the brim. The weather in Poland in summer is usually sunny and very pleasant. Temperatures rarely drop below 25 °C. Thunderstorms may occur in June, but they are short-lived and bring long-awaited heat relief.

If you are looking for an idea for your free time, you will definitely not be bored in Krakow in summer. The season opens with Wianki, a cultural event inspired by Slavic traditions, held in Krakow on the Vistula Boulevards with fireworks and concerts. In July, check out the Cracovia Danza Court Dance Festival, the Summer Jazz Festival, and if you are looking for contact with nature, the multicolored Botanical Garden opens its gates in the summer season. In August, the Kraków Life Festival will be a nice change from sightseeing. The pleasant weather in Krakow from June to August is favorable for outdoor events and spending whole day in the fresh air until late at night, although from August in Krakow, the evening hours are gradually getting colder.

Słowacki Theatre

The weather in Krakow in the fall

Watching the famous golden Polish autumn in Krakow with the multitude of colors, brings real admiration and delight. The weather in Krakow in September often brings back summer memories. This is the perfect time to freely explore the city. Queues to the ticket offices and at facilities such as Wawel, St. Mary's Church, Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Jagiellonian University, and the Town Hall Tower are much smaller, and the prices are lower. You can also watch a spectacular parade of dragons and visit a series of themed picnics in September in Krakow. When in October the weather in Poland does not spoil visitors with warmth, the temperature outside drops below 10 °C, and it is rainy and windy, go to the Art & Food Bazar or come over the International Book Fair.

The weather in November in Krakow invites to sinking into comfortable armchairs of theaters, cinemas and the Krakow Opera. When you have free time, you can benefit from the Museum Open Day or Etiuda & Anima International Film Festival. The Jazz Autumn invites music lovers, and the International Wine Fair will delight gourmets.

Krakow Planty Park

Winter weather in Krakow

Winter in Poland has been very snowy and frosty for years. The average temperature is around 2-3 °C, but surely in Krakow the weather in January will allow you to experience a few days below 0 °C. February is the coldest month of the year. Winter in Krakow turns the city into a beautiful land full of lights and captivating decorations. When visiting the city during the holiday season, be sure to see the exhibition of Krakow nativity scenes and one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe, which in January in Krakow turns into a New Year's Market. For those who like to spend time actively, from December in Krakow, there are numerous open-air ice rinks. The weather in Krakow from December to February will make you feel the magic of Christmas and New Year, as well as to experience numerous winter sports.

Wawel Hill during Christmas

The weather in Krakow is as diverse as the attractions of this city. Regardless of the weather, the capital of Małopolska offers plenty of activities at any time of the year. Before leaving, check the 10-day weather forecast in Krakow and enjoy your holiday the way you like.

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