February 10, 2022

Here is a list of the most romantic places in Krakow. Perfect for a date!

Ride on on the Ferris wheel

A romantic ride on a 50-meter Ferris wheel with a beautiful view of the Vistula River and Wawel is the perfect element of a successful date. The ride is especially romantic at night, when the city is enveloped in atmospheric lighting and the mill itself glows with colorful light. Cracow Eye is located next to the Forum Przestrzenie club and cafe, where you can also eat and drink. In addition to the classic ride, there is also a tinted VIP gondola that you can spend up to an hour on.

Krakow ferris wheel by night

View from Balloon

There is also a sightseeing balloon in the same place. Think how romantic it will be to admire the panorama of Krakow from a height of one hundred and fifty meters! You and your significant other will never forget such a sight

The balloon at the forum with tourists rises to 150m, but its actual range is over 200m

The Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University

Botanical Garden in winter? Nothing blooms then. Nothing could be more wrong! There are greenhouses in the garden, thanks to which you will move from winter Krakow straight to the tropics

One of the greenhouses in the Botanical Garden

Krakow restaurants perfect for a date

There are many great restaurants in Krakow with a unique interior, atmosphere and view. For those in love, we recommend coffee (or drink) and dessert in the Szał cafe, which has its "garden" on the balcony of the cloth hall, with an perfect view of the Market Square and St. Mary's Church. Or an exquisite dinner on the roof of the Rubinstein hotel with brethtaking view of the city. For fans of sweets, we recommend hot chocolate or another delicious dessert in the Wedel Chocolate Lounge located in the 14th century tenement house at the Main Square. These three are just an idea, but Krakow is full of restaurants, with every cuschine, style, price level, every couple will find something good for themselves

There is a cafe Szał on the balcony of the cloth hall. There is also a famous painting of the same name in an art gallery in the same building

Father Bernatek footbridge

A romantic walk around Kazimierz is a great idea for a Valentine's Day activity, and it is even better to end it in Podgórze, crossing the Father Bernatek footbridge, which takes on a romantic atmosphere in the light of the setting sun. After dark, it also looks beautiful when lit with colored light

Father Bernatek footbridge at night

Wieliczka Salt Mine

A trip to the Salt Mine can be a great idea for a Valentine's Day activity, the underground chambers and corridors are delightful, admiring this amazing salt city together will definitely enjoy your date

Underground Wieliczka Salt Mine (13th century), one of the world's oldest salt mines, near Krakow, Poland.

Wawel and the Vistula Boulevards

First, a visit to one of the most romantic monuments of Krakow, after all, how many amazing love stories have happened over the centuries at the royal court. Later, a walk along the Vistula River in the company of swans. The trip can be ended in one of the water restaurants on the barges moored by the shore

The Vistula River and the Wawel Castle

Garden of lights

Until the end of February, you can admire an illumination exhibition in the Stanisław Lem Impression Park. This 6-hectare area turns into a magical land at night. This year's theme is Snow White. A fairy tale in which love is stronger than death

In 2020, the main theme in the Garden of Lights was Alice in Wonderland

Ice rink in Jordan Park

The Jordan Park Ice Rink is also open until the end of February. What makes them different from other ice rinks? Some alleys have turned into slides. Imagine it: you, your date, are sliding together, hand in hand, among the trees in the soft light of a luminous garland. Sounds romantic!

Jordan Park is the largest open-air ice rink in Poland

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