Krakow Christmas Market: Main Square Tree Lighting Ceremony

December 1, 2023

Experience Krakow Christmas Market's tree lighting ceremony with concerts, festive decorations, and holiday activities. Join the celebration!
Krakow Christmas Market: Main Square Tree Lighting Ceremony

Krakow Christmas Market: Main Square Tree Lighting Ceremony

Grand Lighting of the Christmas Tree

In the heart of Krakow, near St. Mary's Basilica, a special event marking the start of the holiday season will take place. On Saturday, December 2, both locals and visitors will witness the grand lighting of the Christmas tree. This extraordinary tree, adorned with 26,000 color-changing lights, icicles simulating melting ice, and over a thousand ornaments, will immerse everyone in the magical atmosphere of Christmas. The decorations of the tree will reflect the famous Wawel arrases, adding not only sparkle but also a historical touch to the event.

Technology Meets Ecology

The use of energy-efficient lights highlights the modernity of this event. As a result, the Christmas tree will consume less energy, which is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective for the city's budget. The lighting ceremony is scheduled for 5:15 PM, a perfect time for everyone to enjoy this beautiful sight.

A Prelude to Christmas: Concert and Attractions

Before the tree lighting at 4:30 PM, a concert by the band will set the festive mood. Their rock and blues tunes will envelop the audience in holiday spirit. Attendees will have the chance to enjoy the band's most popular songs and participate in contests with prizes and activities for children.

Krakow Christmas Market: The Heart of Holiday Spirit

An integral part of Krakow's holiday spirit is the Christmas Market, which has taken its place in the Main Square. From the direction of the Town Hall Tower, visitors can dive into a festive mood, surrounded by music, mulled wine, and a plethora of Christmas decorations. The market stalls offer hand-painted baubles, Christmas tree ornaments, wreaths, jewelry, souvenirs, toys, candles, ceramic and leather goods, as well as various Christmas treats.

Artistic Performances at the Market

The Christmas Market is also a venue to experience Krakow's culture and art. Artistic performances, including folk bands, choirs, and presentations by children from Krakow's schools, offer a unique opportunity to engage with tradition and local folklore.

Thus, Krakow welcomes the festive season, combining tradition with modernity, ecology with technology, all in the enchanting atmosphere of the Christmas market and the illuminated tree in the Main Square.


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