Sacred Night in Krakow: Concerts, Exhibits, and Exclusive Church Tours

August 2, 2023

The Sacred Night in Krakow is a two-day cultural event offering exclusive access to the city's churches along with concerts, exhibitions, and other performances.
Sacred Night in Krakow: Concerts, Exhibits, and Exclusive Church Tours

Sacred Night in Krakow: Concerts, Exhibits, and Exclusive Church Tours

Residents and tourists in Krakow are in for a unique cultural experience on the 14th and 15th of August, known as the "Sacred Night in Krakow" or "Noc Cracovia Sacra". This event allows people not only to tour the city's churches, but also participate in various cultural activities.

Cultural Showcase in Krakow Nights

The Sacred Night in Krakow is part of a broader initiative called Krakow Nights. The program aims to encourage participation in culture and promote the rich heritage of Krakow.

"This is a chance for a direct encounter with the various facets of Krakow's culture, often surprising ones," explains Katarzyna Olesiak, the director of the Department of Culture and National Heritage of the Krakow Municipality. "We take our cultural offerings out to the residents and guests, often literally, opening the doors to theaters, concert halls, art-house cinemas, and also churches and venues associated with poetry."

Unveiling Krakow's Sacred Heritage

On the 14th and 15th of August, locals and tourists will have the opportunity to get familiar with Krakow's unique sacred heritage. Numerous churches will reveal hidden corners and art pieces, usually out of reach for the public.

The Sacred Night in Krakow has been a part of the city's cultural map since 2008. The main goal is not only to provide access to temples and places of worship, but also to organize additional cultural events within them, according to Przemysław Walaszczyk, a spokesperson for the Podgórza Cultural Center.

Last year's theme was "Around the Cross," whereas this year's event will explore the symbolism of plants in sacred art. Apart from touring Krakow's most beautiful churches and discovering ecclesiastical monuments and artworks, there will also be numerous exhibitions, concerts, and performances.

Music in Historic Buildings

The Podgórza Cultural Center has organized three concerts in three unique locations. The first concert will be held on Monday, August 14th, at the church of St. Catherine of Alexandria, featuring the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra from Vilnius. The second concert is scheduled for August 15th in the church of the Most Holy Trinity (Bonifraters) featuring Ukrainian religious songs and historical ballads by Zoriana Grzybowska. The final concert will take place in the Bernardine Sisters' monastery featuring the Krakow Chamber Trio.

Uncovering Ecclesiastical Art

Visitors can explore the city's religious heritage through guided tours of churches and monasteries, including the Dominican Museum and the Carmelite monastery on Piasek. Special workshops on European and Asian book printing and calligraphy will also be held.

For more detailed information about the event, please visit the official Krakow Nights website (, website in Polish only). Admission to all events is free, but some may require tickets, which can be picked up at the InfoKrakow center.


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