Krakow in winter – what to see?

December 22, 2021

Krakow in winter – what to see?
December 22, 2021

Krakow is a city that abounds in various attractions throughout the year. Because of that you don't have to consider what to do in Krakow in winter. Krakow winter offers plenty of chances on every corner and is just as beautiful in winter.

Krakow Christmas Market

The main attraction in winter for sure is Krakow Christmas Market which usually starts in November and lasts until January.

Markets, formerly known as fairs, existed in the Market Square for a century. The Christmas Market in Krakow has a great impact on the cultural and economic development of Krakow in winter.

Sellers present various items and more in small houses called kiosks. Krakow Christmas Market 2021 will welcome the guests from Slovakia, Lithuania or Hungary who sell, among others, cold cuts, cheese, sausages, bread, jewellery, linen and wool crafts, gifts, ceramics, etc.

Christmas market, Krakow

Ice Rink

Another winter place worth visiting is of course the Krakow ice rink. In Krakow, there is the special and unusual ice rink. In addition to skating on the surface, also offers skating along the park's alleys between the trees, where you can admire the various sculptures and decorations.

The ice rink also offers space for children. Moreover, apart from the original open ice rink, you can also use the Cracovia indoor ice rink in Krakow.

In winter, many open-air ice rinks are built in Krakow, incl. in Jordan Park, in Nowa Huta, next to Galeria Krakowska

Nativity scene - tradition entered on the UNESCO list

Other main winter attraction you have to see is a nativity scene. The Kraków nativity scene is a slender, multi-level, tower-like and richly ornamented structure made of light, non-durable materials. It is characterized, especially today, by the accumulation of miniaturized elements of Krakow's historic architecture, fancifully transformed and combined. The nativity scene is to serve as a worthy place to present the great mystery of the Birth of the Son of God. Established in 19th-century Krakow, it is far from everything that was created in this field not only by Europe, but also the whole world.

The custom of building nativity scenes at Christmas is derived from the tradition of static nativity scenes and nativity plays, once displayed in churches during the Christmas period. They were mostly Bethlehem stables set against a rocky landscape. Figures of the Child in the crèche, Mary, and Joseph were placed in them.

Traditional Krakow Nativity Scene

Garden of Lights

The next interesting point on the winter map of Krakow is the Garden of Lights. It is located in the park, and this year it focuses on the fairy tale about Snow White. It is an outdoor event full of Christmas lights and other attractions. Regardless of how old you are, right after crossing the threshold of the Garden of Light, you will be transported straight to a magical forest and scenery straight from fairy tales. On certain days, you can also watch laser shows.

Lighting installation in the Lem Experience Park

Wieliczka Salt mine

A good choice would be to go to the Wieliczka salt mine near Krakow. It is a very interesting place that can be visited not only in summer or in spring. In winter, the temperature in the mine is much higher than outside, around 14-16 degrees Celsius. Just in time to keep you warm on a cold day.

Komora św. Kingi w Kopalni Soli w Wieliczce

Zator Energylandia

In this year, the visit to Zator Energylandia can be a unique attraction for the whole family. Why? Because for the first time, Energylandia is open in winter and offers a range of entertainment:

-The largest garden of lights in Poland,

-roller coasters, carousels, shows

-Meetings with Santa Claus,

-Ice rink,

-Christmas shows,

-Gingerbread decorating workshop,

- Christmas market,

-Winter Parade,

-Special Christmas Menu.

Winter Energylanida

Sightseeing by electric car

You can try also to go sightseeing Krakow in an ecological electric car. It has an audio guide in 16 languages ​​and the ability to choose the districts visited according to individual preferences. This allows you to admire the city, decorations and Christmas lights at any time without freezing.

This year's Christmas decorations in Krakow are inspired by Wawel tapestries


From Krakow, it is worth going to Zakopane - the winter capital of Poland. Are you considering what to do in Zakopane? First of all, what to see in Zakopane is the famous Krupówki - take a long walk along with the many shops and eat real oscypek. You can also take the cable car to Gubałówka where is, among other things, a toboggan run. In addition, you can relax in the thermal pool in Chochołów.

View from Gubałówka

Krakow Zoo in winter

The obvious attraction of Krakow is the zoo, but it is not obvious that you can also visit it in winter. On winter days without heavy frost, zebras, kangaroos and antelopes stay on the paddocks. With temperatures around zero degrees, even elephants can go for a short walk. Animals covered with dense fur - camels, guanacos, llamas, vicuñas, ponies, Przewalski's horses and arui maned sheep permanently fit into the winter landscape of the garden.

Owls, birds of prey and pheasants stay in outdoor aviaries all year round.

During the winter walk we will see the Amur tiger, snow leopards, baby pandas and animals staying in heated pavilions - giraffes, monkeys, as well as the inhabitants of the night pavilion and the exotarium.

In the Krakow zoo, penguins are one of the favorite attractions among visitors

The list of entertainment that the capital of Małopolskie voivodeship has is long. The above-mentioned attractions prove that even in winter it is impossible to get bored in Krakow and its surroundings.


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