Halloween in Krakow: Dark Attractions and Magical Places

October 17, 2023

Discover spine-chilling attractions in Krakow for Halloween. From haunted tours to themed pubs, experience the magic. Keywords: Halloween Krakow, dark attractions
Halloween in Krakow: Dark Attractions and Magical Places
October 17, 2023

Halloween in Krakow: Dark Attractions and Magical Places

Halloween in Poland may not be as deeply rooted in culture as it is in Anglo-Saxon countries, but the celebration of this holiday is gaining popularity year by year. Increasingly, in larger cities, you can find children going from door to door in search of sweet treats on this day. While traditionally in Poland, the Christian holiday of the dead prevails, for the younger part of society, especially among students and young adults, Halloween becomes an opportunity for unforgettable fun. However, for them, it's not about collecting candies.

If you're planning to spend this time in Krakow, the city offers many dark attractions and magical places to visit. Below are some of them:

Explore Spine-Chilling Secrets of Krakow's Old Town with a Guide

krakow at night scary

Creepy Kraków Tour: Discover the dark corners of Krakow's Old Town during a 2-hour guided walk. Immerse yourself in legends intertwined with terrifying stories from the city's history. Tales of medieval torture and serial killers will linger in your memory. After such a walk, your perspective on Krakow will surely change.

Feel the Thrill of Roller Coasters

energylania haloween

Halloween at Energylandia (October 12-29, 2023): The entire park transforms into a magical Halloween kingdom. Families can admire colorful decorations, participate in thematic shows, and enjoy specially prepared attractions. For the bravest, there's a TERROR ZONE with haunted houses. On October 21, a special Halloween Night will take place, with the park being overrun by eerily styled animators. Even without the Halloween setting, riding roller coasters, some of which hold European and world records for size and speed, will provide excitement and make your heart race.

Do You Dare to Enter a Real House of Horror?

Lost Souls Alley ghost scary

Lost Souls Alley: Located on Floriańska Street 6, this house of horrors, considered the scariest in Krakow, offers several levels of difficulty. The pink version is available to those aged 13 and older, where actors do not touch participants. On the other hand, on the red level, intended for those over 18, participants can expect intense contact with actors, discomfort, temporary pain, and the possibility of being separated from the group. Participants on the red level will undoubtedly bear physical marks such as abrasions, bruises, and scratches. The official website states that less than 1% of groups choose the red version, and in the last two years, 100% of groups gave up during the passage, mainly due to intense painful stimuli. Do you have the courage to experience this literally on your own skin?

Test Your Skills in Escape Rooms

ecape room

Escape Rooms in Krakow: If this house of horrors seems too extreme, Krakow offers many other atmospheric escape rooms. To find the best ones, visit lock.me, where rooms are presented according to rankings tailored to individual preferences.

Visit Themed Pubs

harry potter krakow

Dziórawy Kocioł (The Leaky Cauldron), Ministerstwo Tajemnic (Ministry of Mysteries): For Harry Potter fans, these two places are an absolute must-visit. You can feel like you're in Hogwarts, enjoying the flavors of famous drinks like Butterbeer while experiencing the magic of the surroundings.

Tawerna Wilczy Dół (Wolf's Lair): For fans of The Witcher, this place is a must-see. The decorations, menu, and service are styled after the themes known from Andrzej Sapkowski's saga. During Halloween, special decorations add a unique character to this tavern.

Nighttime Revelry

party krakow halloween

Costume parties at clubs: Krakow is famous for its nightlife, and Halloween is a perfect opportunity to experience it. Clubs like Prozak 2.0 and Shakers organize thematic parties where participants dress up as characters from horror, legends, or fairy tales. To find the most exciting party for yourself, it's worth keeping an eye on events on Facebook.

A Moment of Reflection

rakowicki cementery graveyard

A walk through Rakowicki Cemetery: This historic cemetery is not only the resting place of many prominent figures from Poland's history but also a place with an extraordinary atmosphere. Mausoleums, tombs, and old trees create an air of mystery. It's also worth visiting the Potocki family tomb and the grave of Juliusz Słowacki. An interesting experience is visiting the cemetery after the Christian holiday of the dead when it lights up with hundreds of colorful candle lights.

Discover Autumn Treasures


Pumpkin farms near Krakow: If you're in the mood for a true autumn experience, visit Jedynie or Farma Dyniowa Szyce. Here, you can pick the perfect pumpkin to carve a Halloween face.

Although the Halloween tradition is not the most popular in Poland, you will surely find many attractions that will allow you to spend your time in an interesting way. After all, Krakow is a city full of mysteries, legends, and magic, which you can experience in every corner. If you want to learn about its incredible stories, also check out our blog posts, where you will find entries about Krakow's legends and mysteries.


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