Cracow Monsters (Krakowskie Potwoty) is a new series on Netflix. Action is closely related to Krakow. The series is directed by Kasia Adamik and Olga Chajdas.

In the main role we will see debuting Barbara Liberek (Alex). Also an important character for the plot will be prof. Jan Zawadzki, played by the outstanding actor Andrzej Chyra. In the remaining roles we will see: Stanisław Linowski (Lucky), Małgorzata Bela (Aitwar), Mateusz Górski (Antoni), Kaja Chan (Hania), Maja Chan (Basia), Daniel Namiotko (Gigi), Stanisław Cywka (Birdy), Anna Paliga ( Iliana), Eryk Pratsko (boy), Małgorzata Rożniatowska (Grandma Alex), Małgorzata Gorol (Jagna), Wojciech Brzeziński (Robert) and Julia Wyszyńska (Ewa).

Cracow Monsters / Netflix

Cracow Monsters – The plot

The main character, a medical student (Alex), meets a mysterious professor and his elite group of students. To his amazement, he discovers that, under the guise of scientific research, the group is doing something completely different. Alex becomes embroiled in a plot that confronts her with the world of Slavic beliefs, ancient monsters and bloodthirsty deities.

The series was created entirely in Krakow and its vicinity. We will see characteristic locations and iconic places such as the Krakow Main Market Square, Grodzka Street, the Jagiellonian University, the Old Jewish Cemetery, Wieliczka, the natural landscapes of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland and the vicinity of the Krak Mound.

The production draws on Slavic and Krakow mythology, it shows the dark, primal side of Krakow. Will the Polish “Supernatural” be another Netflix success?

Cracow Monsters – trailer