Winter in Krakow 2023/2024: Your Guide to the City's Attractions

November 22, 2023

Plan your winter getaway in Krakow with our comprehensive guide - discover the city's best attractions for the 2023/2024 season!
Winter in Krakow 2023/2024: Your Guide to the City's Attractions
November 22, 2023

Winter in Krakow 2023/2024: Your Guide to the City's Attractions

Winter in Krakow – A Magical Aura

Winter in Krakow starts with enchanting landscapes as early as the end of November when the first snow usually falls. Average temperatures in December hover around 0°C, dropping to -3°C in January, with February often greeting us at around -1°C. There are also days when temperatures fall below -10°C. These cold months bring not only frosty air but also plenty of opportunities to explore the city’s charms.

wawel castle krakow at winter

Winter Attractions in Krakow

Winter in Krakow is the perfect time for evenings in local cafes and restaurants, savoring a cup of tea or mulled wine. It's also a great opportunity to visit numerous museums and galleries. See the 'Lady with an Ermine' at the Czartoryski Museum or explore the famous Oskar Schindler's Factory. Additionally, during winter in Krakow, you might want to try:

Krakow Christmas Market (November 24 - January 1)

The Christmas Market on the Main Market Square is the heart of winter in Krakow. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere filled with festive decorations, traditional craft stalls, and local delicacies.

krakow christmast market cottage chese oscypek

New Year's Eve in Krakow

Although official city celebrations on the Main Market Square have been suspended since 2020, the city is alive with numerous parties and balls. A particularly interesting event is the New Year's Eve ball in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, where guests welcome the New Year in a beautiful salt ballroom 125 meters underground.

fireworks in hand New Year's Eve

Wieliczka Salt Mine in Winter

This magnificent salt mine, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is not only a monument but also an ideal place for a winter excursion (not only on New Year's Eve). A stable temperature of 14-16°C allows for comfortable exploration regardless of the frost outside.

salt altar in the underground chapel in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Lights Park in Stanisław Lem Experience Park

In winter, the park turns into a fairy-tale land of lights, this year inspired by the Smurfs. It's an ideal attraction for families with children, where every corner of the park comes alive with colors and light.

smurfs park of lights Krakow winter

Winter Kingdom in Energylandia (November 25, 2023 - January 21, 2024)

Discover a winter land full of attractions: from the largest Garden of Lights in Poland, through an ice rink, to meetings with Santa Claus. Plus, workshops, festive shows, and millions of lights will make your visit unforgettable.

winter kingdom at energylandia amusement park winter

Outdoor Ice Rinks in Krakow

Winter is the time when many ice rinks appear in Krakow, with the most interesting one in Jordan Park. The park paths turn into ice tracks, with lights strung on trees, creating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic ride.

couple on the ice rink image generated by AI

Relaxation in Chochołowskie Termy

Thermal pools with a view of the majestic snow-covered Tatra Mountains are an excellent place for relaxation. The warmth of the thermal waters contrasts with the winter landscape, creating unforgettable impressions. Additionally, a session in the thermal waters has a great health benefit.

Chochołów thermal baths at night

Krakow Nativity Scenes – Unique Art Pieces

Krakow nativity scenes are a unique element of the city's culture, distinguished by rich history and unparalleled style. These colorful works, often inspired by significant city buildings such as St. Mary's Church or Wawel Castle, are a symbol of local folklore. The tradition dates back to the 19th century and is associated with bricklayers who created nativity scenes as an additional source of income in winter. Every year in Krakow, a competition is held for the most beautiful nativity scene, attracting both creators and tourists. Krakow's nativity scenes are not just a Christmas attraction but also an opportunity to admire the extraordinary combination of art, history, and tradition of this picturesque city.

Krakow nativity scene concept generated by AI


Krakow in winter is a place full of magic and diversity – there's something for everyone. It's the perfect time to discover the charms of this historic city - tasting, exploring, and getting to know Krakow in winter is pure pleasure. Just don't forget to pack warm socks!


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