Krakow Nights 2024: Explore Krakow's Cultural Nightlife

April 26, 2024

Join Krakow Nights 2024, from April to October. Discover Krakow's cultural richness through nighttime events in museums, theaters, and more. Explore the dates and details of each event. Join us on our unforgettable journey!
Krakow Nights 2024: Explore Krakow's Cultural Nightlife

Krakow Nights 2024: Explore Krakow's Cultural Nightlife

In the year 2024, Krakow will once again come alive culturally with another installment of "Krakow Nights." This series, running from April to October, offers a wide range of nighttime attractions, including museum exhibitions, screenings in intimate cinemas, theatrical performances, concerts, and much more. These events aim to promote Krakow's culture and heritage, engaging both residents and tourists alike.

Innovative Approach to Culture

Krakow Nights is not just an ordinary festival; it's an initiative aimed at promoting active participation in culture by providing an attractive cultural offering. Visitors can enjoy a variety of attractions, such as nighttime performances, dance shows, and poetic gatherings. Each of these events offers an opportunity to experience Krakow's culture in a new, nighttime light.

Commencement and Main Events

Krakow Nights will kick off on March 26, 2024, inaugurating a series of events spanning several months. Among them are:

  • Night of Cinemas: April 20
  • Night of Museums: May 17
  • Night of Dance: June 8
  • Night of Theatres: June 15
  • Night of Jazz: July 13
  • Night of Cracovia Sacra: August 14 and 15
  • Night of Poetry: October 11–13

Each event is unique and organized around a specific theme, showcasing the latest artistic projects and premieres.

Information and Details

Krakow Nights is organized by the Department of Culture and National Heritage of the UMK (Cracow University of Economics), which collaborates with local cultural institutions and partners to prepare each edition. Last year, approximately 200,000 people participated in the series, confirming its popularity and significance for cultural promotion.

For those who would like to learn more about Krakow Nights, we invite you to visit the official event website:

Krakow Nights is a true celebration of culture in Krakow, blending the city's historical heritage with modern, creative forms of artistic expression. Each Night is an opportunity for new experiences, discoveries, and inspirations.


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