Nowa Huta (The New Steel Mill)


The construction of Nowa Huta began in 1949. Due to its planned specificity – an ideal working-class city – it is very different from other parts of Krakow with its uniform, harmonious form of buildings and industrial atmosphere.

Nowa Huta is one of the most representative districts of Krakow – designed from scratch as an independent city intended for the employees of the emerging metallurgical conglomerate: the then Lenin Steelworks (named after Tadeusz Sendzimir after the collapse of communism). Since its inception in 1954, it has been the largest industrial plant in Krakow and one of the largest steel mills in Poland.

The construction of Nowa Huta began in 1949. Due to its planned specificity – an ideal working-class city – it is very different from other parts of Krakow with its uniform, harmonious form of buildings and industrial atmosphere.

Nowa Huta was attached to Krakow in 1951 along with the entire Mogiła commune. Year 1990 saw the introduction of a new administrative division of Krakow and Nowa Huta was divided into 5 local government districts: District XIV Czyżyny, District XV Mistrzejowice, District XVI Bieńczyce, District XVII Wzgórza Krzesławickie, and District XVIII Nowa Huta.

Iconic sites in Nowa Huta include Plac Centralny (Central Square), Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks, Kopiec Wandy (Wanda’s Mound) or Zalew Nowohucki Reservoir, where in summer you can relax on the shore of the pond.

Fans of history who take an interest in the People’s Republic of Poland will be delighted to visit the Museum of Nowa Huta and the Nowa Huta Underground, where they can explore nuclear shelters.

A notable site is the Polish Aviation Museum located in the Czyżyny District, which collects hundreds of objects related to aviation and its development.

When in Krakow, be sure to visit Nowa Huta and feel its unique atmosphere.


Dzielnica XVIII Nowa Huta
Osiedle Centrum B 6
31-927 Kraków
12 644 78 40



Nowa Huta is a district of Krakow, founded in 1949 as an independent socialist city. Over the years, it has been incorporated into Krakow and currently constitutes one of its most important and characteristic parts.

Nowa Huta is a unique place that combines elements of socialist realism architecture with a rich cultural and industrial heritage. It is an ideal destination for those interested in the history of Poland, architecture, and everyday life during socialism.

The most important tourist attractions in Nowa Huta include:

  • The Administrative Center, designed by Tadeusz Ptaszycki
  • Ludowy Theatre
  • The Lord's Ark Church, a symbol of the struggle of Nowa Huta residents for the right to express their religion
  • Ratuszowy Park and Central Square
  • Former industrial plants, now partially transformed into cultural and business spaces
  • Nowa Huta Musuem 

You can get to Nowa Huta by both public transport and private car. The easiest mode of transportation is by tram – lines 4, 10, 22, and 44 connect Krakow city center with Nowa Huta. For nighttime travel, you can take night buses 601 and 602. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

Yes, in Nowa Huta you can find numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can taste traditional Polish cuisine as well as other flavors.

Yes, visiting Nowa Huta with a guide or on an original Trabant tour can be very valuable. Guides usually have extensive knowledge about the history, architecture, and culture of this place, allowing tourists to fully understand the context and significance of Nowa Huta. Trabant tours also add a unique charm and atmosphere associated with this historical mode of transportation.


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